NYSA is embarking on a social business generating resources and work experience opportunities for youth graduating from our work readiness programs. The business aims to be a local hub and space for downtown Nanaimo workers and visitors who would like high quality, affordable and healthy options for breakfast and lunch. Before we can do any of these things though, we need to ensure this is a sustainable business that will be able to compete in the downtown daytime hospitality marketplace.

As the Restaurant Development Advisor, you will work with our staff to create a career development opportunity for them by enhancing their business strategy, operational and marketing skills. You will work to develop a sustainable business by creating feasibility studies, a marketing strategy and a comprehensive business plan. Based on those documents, and local knowledge of the industry, you will work with NYSA staff to develop an analysis of development costs and market potential. Finally, you will support the management of the café to develop its operational potential.

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Review and compare existing breakfast/lunch options in the area and analyze the potential for a new café in central Nanaimo.
  • Carry out market analysis is to understand the potential market and work on product innovation and business strategies.
  • Work closely with management and working team to build relevant business development and operational management skills.
  • Design digital marketing tools and advise on a website and social media strategies.
  • Revise the organizational development needs together with the café team.

Essential Academic Qualifications:

  • Relevant diploma or degree preferred

Essential Professional Background:

  • 3 to 5 years of senior level working experience with a social enterprise or similar business in the hospitality industry.
  • Experience with business analysis and marketing strategy development
  • Social media marketing skills