NYSA Vision:

  • Creating a respectful atmosphere of possibility for youth by providing them with skills to achieve their goals.

  • NYSA Mission:

  • To provide opportunities for youth to gain knowledge, life and employment skills to allow them to reach their full potential as productive citizens of their community.

  • Purposes of the Society:

  • To operate on a not-for-profit basis to provide services and programs to young people principally in the Nanaimo Regional district of the province of British Columbia to assist youth and young adults to reach their full potential by establishing an environment and developing programs to:

  • a) support, promote and encourage youth to become productive citizens

    b) build self-esteem and confidence

    c) encourage the development of respectful relationships

    d) foster the safety and stability of “at risk” youth

    NOTE: Services are free and available to all youth within the age cohort of 13 to 30 years that NYSA’s mission serves.

    Who We Are:

  • Nanaimo Youth Services Association (NYSA) is a community based, not for profit, charitable society. We have provided a range of residential and non-residential services to vulnerable youth in the Nanaimo Regional District since our incorporation in 1969.

  • Over the last 47 year period the Association has grown into being a multi purpose but singularly integrated serving youth organization under the governance of our volunteer board members who represent and are recruited from the broad cross-section of our community residents.

  • Who We Serve:

  • NYSA’s organizational mission target population is Youth between the ages of 13 to 30 years. Approximately 45% of the youth population that NYSA serves are represented by urban Aboriginal young people.

  • In 2009 NYSA was honored to be cited as an “exemplary organization”, and one of the ten best managed charitable organizations in the BC Non Profit sector. We have also been recognized with a number of community service awards.
  • What We Do:

  • An overriding purpose of NYSA services is to provide social support to vulnerable, ‘at risk’ youth for the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Every program service offered is free and incorporates an effective element of basic life skills, practical employment readiness training and health education features that assist in equipping youth to participate and be fully included in the life of community.

  • Direct services to ‘at risk youth’ has become more sophisticated over time due to new research and evidence carried out on youth as a Population Health group from a Resilience and ‘Successful Transitions to Adulthood’, literature perspective.
  • NYSA’s ‘Philosophy of Care’ adheres to the notions that:

    1. If it would not be good enough for our own children why would we offer it to other people’s children;

    2. We will not offer services to youth that promote or result in ‘Learned Dependency’;

    3. ‘The best social program and long term income security in a market based society for youth is a meaningful job.’



    • Address: 290 Bastion Street, Nanaimo
      BC V9R3A4
    • Email: nysa@nysa.bc.ca
    • Website: www.nysa.bc.ca
    • Toll Free: 1-855-922-0220