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Discover where you fit in. Everyone between the ages of 13 and 25 in the Nanaimo area is invited to join the Mind’s Eye team, so if you’re curious about what we do, contact us.  This is your paper.
If you’re an aspiring journalist, graphic artist, photographer, writer, socialite, opinion-maker or community leader there are plenty of easy ways to get involved right now.  For starters, you can:

  • join our mailing list
  • become a School Correspondent
  • become a contributing writer
  • become a contributing photographer
  • become a contributing artist
  • become a reader!
  • start a discussion on Facebook
  • attend meetings where you can help plan future issues
  • pitch a story to the editor at mindseye@nysa.bc.ca
  • tell us what you want to read in your paper.



To get started, contact us.



About Us

The Mind’s Eye is a youth newspaper written by and for 13 to 25 year olds in the Nanaimo region. Published by the Nanaimo Youth Services Association since 1998, our aim is to “To create a voice for Nanaimo’s youth within the greater community, empowering them to become productive citizens of Nanaimo.” At the Mind’s Eye, we listen, encourage, respect, build self-esteem and help youths reach their fullest potential.

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The Mind’s Eye is one of many exciting programs at NYSA that are fun and free for youth in our community.  Combining arts, recreation and real opportunities, our innovative programs include the One-Stop Teen Drop in Centre and Tune In, a music program that provides musical instruction, recording equipment and even video production skills for interested teens.
So whether you’re looking for an opportunity to exercise your creativity, learn something new, make friends or just want a great way to spend your time, drop by and see us at 290 Bastion Street in the old city quarter. 


The Mind’s Eye is published by NYSA at:

290 Bastion Street
Nanaimo BC
V9R 3A4
Phone: 250-754-1989
Fax: 250-754-8661
Email: mindseye@nysa.bc.ca

Mailing List

If you want to join our staff or start to contribute artwork, photos or writing, just let us know! Simply follow this link and fill out the form to be added to our mailing list. You’ll receive our monthly newsletter with story ideas, contests, special events and all kinds of fantastic opportunities exclusive to The Mind’s Eye.

Hub City Correspondents

Who are Hub City Correspondents? Hub City Correspondents are writers from local high schools.
What do they do? Correspondents write a 150-250 word column each month on a topic assigned by the editor.  Issues are varied and can include topics in sports, health, trends, community and politics.
Where are they from? Every high school in Nanaimo – one rep from each school.
When is the term? September to June, every school year.
Why is it great to be a HCC? Being a hub city correspondent is fun, it lets you express your opinions and ideas to a wider audience, it gives you great exposure to the community (good for business, school, jobs etc) and is a great addition to your resume.  You will also get real experience in publishing, clippings for your portfolio and work hours you can use for graduation.  Your writing will also improve!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to

  • write one column per month on an assigned topic (approximately 250 words)

  • do one photo survey on an assigned topic (three photos)

  • relay important news from your school to the paper

To Apply, email the editor at mindseye@nysa.bc.ca stating:

  • your name, age, grade, school and phone number

  • why you'd make a great hub city correspondent

  • what you would bring to the Mind's Eye

  • what you hope to get out of the experience

  • where you'd like to go in your career


The Mind’s Eye welcomes features, profiles, reviews, creative writing, art, photography, and comics from all youth aged 13 – 25. Please email submissions to the Managing Editor at mindseye@nysa.bc.ca. For photos, send high quality images  saved as .jpg or .tiff.
Submission Guidelines:

  • All contributors MUST be between the ages of 13 and 25 and live in the Nanaimo Regional District.

  • All written work should be saved as a .doc or .rtf file and sent as an attachment to mindseye@nysa.bc.ca.

  • the filename of the document you’re submitting should be the title of your article + your last name

  • The text of the document you’re submitting should be copied and pasted into the body of  your email as well.

  • All content must be suitable for our youngest readers and writers.

  • All work must be original

  • We will not publish swearing.

  • All content must be hate-free.

  • We reserve the right to edit all articles and submissions for length and content.

  • We also reserve the right to refuse articles and submissions.

Opinions expressed in The Mind’s Eye do not necessarily reflect those of the staff members, any staff or directors at Nanaimo Youth Services , or any staff, editors, or publishers at the Nanaimo Daily News.

Useful Links:

Canadian Newspaper Association


Document your world.  If you love to take pictures, this is your chance to become a published photographer. Take your camera around town, snap photos of your friends, see things in a new way and capture a fresh perspective of the city you live in.  Send your high resolution digital photos as an attachment to: mindseye@nysa.bc.ca.

  • Files should be either .jpg or .tiff

  • please include a short description of the photo

  • make sure you have permission from any people who are the subject of your photo


The Mind’s Eye has been published by Nanaimo Youth Services since 1998.  The 20 page tabloid has a circulation of 11,500 copies per month and is available in highschools from Ladysmith to Qualicum.
Written by and for youth aged 13 to 25, the Mind’s Eye is the only local newspaper published exclusively by and for youth in the mid-island area.

Please send high quality artwork and images to mindseye@nysa.bc.ca by deadline.