Success and Progress

Continuous Quality Assurance Circle

Nanaimo Youth Services Association Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance Process - NYSA subscribes to an evidence-based model of practice. We believe the most basic meaning of accountability is that the Association's professional staff has to be responsible for what we do with the people we serve. The most crucial aspect of that responsibility is a commitment to delivering efficient, effective and meaningful services.

  • Our current Program Evaluation perspective is grounded in Resilience and a 'Transitions to Adulthood' theory particularly as it relates to marginalized and vulnerable youth. NYSA has implemented quality assurance procedures that include evaluation by those we serve, staff, board, community partners and funding bodies in a pre- and post- single subject design format.

  • This framework includes further performance assessment measures that clearly capture “the complex interactions between those served, programs and communities from a case study perspective”, and measurement statistics that demonstrate incremental and significant change achieved by individuals over time as illustrated below.

  • The Association has traditionally utilized survey data collection techniques that ask standardized questions of respondents to ensure validity and reliability of answers over time. Accumulated answers continuously inform our program logic model.


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