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An overriding purpose of NYSA’s services is to provide social support to vulnerable, ‘at risk’ youth for the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Every program offered is free to our clients and incorporates an effective element of basic life skills, practical employment readiness training and health education features that assist in equipping youth to participate and be fully included in the life of community.

NYSA’s ‘Philosophy of Care’ adheres to the notions that:

  • If it would not be good enough for our own children, why would we offer it to other children?
  • We will not offer services to youth that promote or result in learned dependency;
  • The best social program and long-term income security for youth in a market-based society is a meaningful job.

Serving Youth

Our Programs


BladeRunners is designed for youth aged 16 to 30 who have encountered barriers or challenges in finding and/or keeping employment. NYSA staff work alongside participants through this four-week, paid program.

Employment - Keep It!

Keep It! is designed for youths aged 16 to 30 who are unemployed, not attending school and who are in need of assistance to overcome employment barriers. In the program, individuals will participate in four weeks of paid in-class training, followed by 60 hours of paid work experience.

Supportive Living Program

NYSA outreach workers in the Supportive Living Program provide youth with hands-on experience, knowledge, and support systems that encourage success.


Kids4Kids seeks to provide a safe, fun and supportive place where children aged 9 to 12 can learn and grow through structured after school programming.


The Jump-In summer program offers youth the opportunity to express their creativity through various art forms, exploring the outdoors, engaging in life-skills workshops, and receiving First Aid and Barista training.


Watch for the opening of our new Drop In Centre in September!

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