Kids4Kids After School Program

What We Do

Nanaimo Youth Services Association, in association with School Division 68 offers an after-school program called Kids4Kids which embraces the diversity of the children and seeks to provide opportunities for youth to gain knowledge, life and pre-employment skills and social interactions to help them reach their full potential. The program operates one day per week at Georgia Avenue Community School in Nanaimo and is targeted at those aged 9 to 12 years of age. Kids4Kids seeks to provide a safe, fun and supportive place where children can learn and grow. Children participating in the program are engaged in a variety of skill-building activities that are supervised by passionate volunteers, NYSA staff, and individual members of the community. The program focuses on developing life skills through such activities as cooking, sewing, creating crafts and playing team sports.

Kids4Kids Highlights

  • Kids4Kids is an after-school program that embraces diversity and seeks to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for children to learn and grow;
  • Activities offered in the program focus on developing important life skills through such tasks as cooking, sewing, playing sports, and creating crafts.

2019 Goals

  • To promote the Circle of Courage: belonging, mastery and generosity, through activity-based experiences and activities;
  • To connect with local organizations that may be able to assist in improving program delivery;
  • To create and maintain a community organic food garden at Georgia Avenue School for students, youth and community members.

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